Decorative Drinking Horn Stand

Make Your Own Medieval


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Drinking horns can add an immediate ambience to the look of your Celtic / Viking themed wedding or historical re-enactments. Unfortunately, you can't put the horn down without the liquid spilling. Don't be the one that spills your drink all over the table; get out your drinking horn stand. Blacksmith forged with decorative twist work.

The stand is powder coated to improve resistance to corrosion. Powder coating is applied electrostatically and cured under heat to form a protective coat that when used on metals is tougher and more hard wearing than conventional paint.

We recommend this stand for large size or greater horns.

When placed upon a table the stand measures 14cm in height, 21cm in length and 15cm in width. The stand is made from 8.5mm thick steel and weighs 400 grams making the stand less likely to tip over with a larger horn.

Please note, that this stand best fits horns between the size of 13 inches to 19 inches in size.

Horn pictured is not included