Cuerdale Hoard Viking Brooch

Make Your Own Medieval



This brooch is a reproduction of a brooch fragment found in the Cuerdale Hoard. The hoard was found in the British town of Cuerdale on the outskirts of the City of Preston in Lancashire.

The hoard was buried between 903 and 910 AD, soon after the Vikings had been expelled from Dublin in 902. The large number of newly minted Norse coins from York and Irish Norse bullion indicates that the hoard way have been a been a war chest belonging to Irish Norse exiles.

An image of the original artefact can be found on page 362 of the book The Cuerdale Hoard and related Viking-Age silver and gold from Britain and Ireland in the British Museum by James Graham-Campbell.

The brooch measures 12cm in length including the pin and 7cm in width. Made from solid brass