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medieval crusade era helm 12th century
Crusader medieval helmet combat armor
Crusader helm for historical reenactment combat armor
Helmet lining for medieval helmet
crusader helmet Medieval combat armour
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templar crusade helmet Medieval armour
Seal of Robert robert fitzwalter

Crusader Templar Pot Helm With face Plate (14 Gauge) and (16 gauge)

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Make your own Medieval experience and complete your Crusader armour harness with this Knights Templar helm forged from either 14 or 16 gauge steel.

The helmet is based on a helm seen in the seal of Robert Fitzwalter which was estimated to have been created between 1213-1219 (shown in the last photo below). The seal is currently held by the British Museum (object number 1841,0624.1).

This style of helm most likely was first worn during the late 12th century during the period of the third crusade 1189-1192 and remained in use until the end of the 13th century. Based on the design of the spangenhelm which was popular during the dark ages / Viking era, this style of helm incorporated an additional face plate to protect the wearer.

Suitable for a late 12th century to mid 13th century persona for your next Medieval re-enactment, SCA or Living history event.

The helmet has a padded lining suspension that can be adjusted to better fit the wearer. 

The helm has a circumference of 68cm which enables the wearer to also fit a suitable padded coif or cap. The interior of the helm is also blackened to improve corrosion resistance.

Evidence for the use of spangenhelms or pot helms with faceplate can be seen in the following sources:

The seal of King Richard - dated between 1195 -1199.

Fresco of the murder of Thomas Becket - late 12th century.

The seal of Alexander II King of scots- crowned 1214.

The Shrine of Charlemagne (Karlsschrein) in Aachen Cathedral - made in 1215.

Stained glass The story of Charlemagne - Chartres Cathedral.

Stained glass The murder of St Thomas in the Cathedral – Chartres Cathedral

Fresco of the murder of St Thomas Becket Palazzo dei Trecento  Italy - dated 1260 (shown in images below).

The seal of Robert Fitzwalter - dated between 1213-1219 (shown below).

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