Crescent Rope Cutter / Hunting Arrow

Make Your Own Medieval



Make your own Medieval, Tudor or Renaissance arrows with these blacksmith forged crescent rope cutter / hunting Arrow heads.
Often called a rope cutter there is much speculation as to the use of these arrow heads.
One theory is that they were utilised to cut and damage rigging and sails on ships.
However, historical reconstructions and re-enactments have proven this to be difficult.
Furthermore, no arrows of this type have been found on the Mary Rose Tudor ship wreck from the time of Henry the VIII which had a full complement of archers and archery equipment.
Other theories include that the heads were designed to shoot at horses or to cut horse tendons.
The design was most likely used for hunting of birds and small ground dwelling game like rabbits, where the larger wider crescent shape may help hit small targets
Try the arrows yourself and make your own conclusions with a bit of experimental archaeology.
Great for archery tournaments and competitions, as the weight and size of the arrow head provide a challenge to traditional longbow and recurve users compared to modern field heads.
Each arrow head measures 5.3cm in width and 9.5cm in length and has an internal size of 8mm at the start of shaft.