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Chinese Silver Sycee reproduction money
Chinese Silver Sycee Ingot reproduction

Chinese Silver Sycee Ingot - Reproduction

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The sycee is a unit of currency minted in China from the Qin Dynasty 2nd century BC to the 20th century.

This reproduction sycee is in the traditional boat shape style.

Bonds and paper money entered usage in China in approximately the 9th century. However, due to uncertainty in value, inflation and possibility of fraud, payment by weight of silver was the preferred payment method. The Sycee was made in different weights called a tael. 

In modern Chinese culture, the gold sycee is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, representing a fortunate year to come.

This sycee measures 29mm by 12mm by 17mm in size and is made from high-quality solid pewter. Each sycee weighs approximately 21.5grams (0.76 ouces)

These sycee are hand cast and stamped by a passionate reenactor who performs historical coin minting demonstrations. As each sycee is hand cast small variations may exist adding to their hand made character.

Please note, this item is a reproduction made from pewter and not silver. 

Dice also available separately.

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