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Celtic dark ages Belt Hook or Buckle
Viking forged dark ages Belt Hook
dark ages Belt Hook or Buckle

Celtic Forged Belt Hook or Buckle

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Make your own Celtic belt with this hand forged belt hook. The design is based on iron age Celtic buckles of the LA-Tene period.

La Tène Celtic culture was the dominant culture in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Northern Italy and Spain during the late Iron Age, from about 500 BCE to Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul in the 1st century BCE. La Tène culture continued in Britain, Scotland and Ireland after the roman invasion of Gaul

Sometimes confused with later Viking style buckles, belt hooks are from the earlier Pre-Roman Iron Age era.

Historically the buckle was attached to the belt with the hook facing out and the hook end inserted into a hole on the belt. However, the fittings can also be used as a belt hook over the top of the belt to hang small items you want to keep about your person. Such as a set of keys, feasting gear or a tankard.

Made from steel and blackened for improved rust resistance. The hook measures 8.5cm by 5.5cm

Keep your items handy at your next Medieval, Renaissance, Viking, LARP or SCA event.

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