Celtic Boar Leather Spaulder Armour - Brown

Make Your Own Medieval

$109.95 AUD 


A leather spaulder or pauldron suitable for LARP and Celtic themed fantasy clothing and costume.

The spaulder features the design of a Celtic wild boar. The boar was admired in Celtic culture for its fearsome qualities and symbolised the courage and bravery the Celts sort to embody in battle. The boar was also a symbol of feasting, wealth and prosperity. In popular culture the boar is often associated with the Gallic people of Western Europe who lived in Gaul (France) in Roman times.

Made from genuine brown leather.

Each bracer measures 23.5cm wide by 33cm long and is made from 3mm thick quality leather.

Each spaulder includes a leather strap and buckle to secure the spaulders across the chest. The spaulders also has a leather cord and hook to tighten around the arm.

This allows for the spaulder to be worn without the need for additional armour to keep them in place (such as a gorget).

Price is for one spaulder. If two are required a second spaulder will need to be purchased.