Camping Stove or Brazier

Make Your Own Medieval



This portable camping stove or brazier is great for camping.

The stove has a removable carry handle making it easy to carry and has good ventilation making it is easy to use. Most events require fire pits to be raised off the ground to protect the grass from being damaged. This pit sits 8.5cm off the ground on four legs.

The stove has a grill that can be flipped up to allow for easy cleaning of ash. The fire sits on a square raised plate inside the stove which can also be removed. The stove has holes on the sides and a slit running along the bottom to improve ventilation. A cooking pot can be placed onto the grill or a cooking pan placed on top of the raised corners.

The stove measures approximately 31cm x 31cm x 28cm and weighs 5.8kg making it great for a quick and easy moderate sized cooking setup. With the handle raised the stoves measures 47.5cm

Made from steel and blackened to improve corrosion resistance.

Please ensure stove is cool before handling and appropriate fire safety is followed during use.