Burgundian 15th Century Sallet Helmet – 18 gauge

Make Your Own Medieval



Make your own Medieval experience and complete your 15th-century medieval armour harness with this Burgundian style open face sallet helm.

This helmet is a reproduction of an extant artifact currently held by The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Accession Number: 29.150.13). As shown on the following link 


The original artifact is estimated to have been made in the late 15th century in northern Italy. This reproduction was designed by Make Your Own Medieval as a light weight open face 18 gauge re-enactment parade and encampment wear helmet. A good helmet to wear when at historical living history and SCA events during performances and when marshaling to provide sun protection for the back of the neck.

This style of helm is most often associated with the armies of Burgundy (French) and the low countries of Flanders (Netherlands and Belgium) and is most suitable for late 15th century infantry historical re-enactment personas. 

The helm comes complete with an adjustable padded liner and chin strap with solid brass buckle. The interior of the helm is blackened to improve corrosion resistance.

For an extra personalisation why not paint your new helm?

The helm has an internal circumference of 66cm which enables the wearer to also fit a suitable padded coif or cap.

The helm weighs 1.76kg.