Buckle with Scalloped Ropework Edge

Make Your Own Medieval

$3.95 AUD 


This single loop buckle is based on an original Medieval London find and is most appropriate for clothing between the 14th and 15th century.

The buckle features a scalloped ropework pattern along the top edge. The buckles are steel (these buckles contain nickel to assist in corrosion resistance) with an antiqued silver finish.

D shaped buckles were produced with elaborate molded decoration covering all the frames except for the strap bar from the late 14th century.

D shaped buckles continued to be used into the 16 and 17th centuries on horse tack. 

Suitable for straps 25mm wide.

Please note, the silver tone of the buckles is a little less shiny than that shown in the photos due to lighting.

Price is for one buckle.