Brigandine Splint - Arm Armour

Make Your Own Medieval

$599.95 AUD 


A brigandine is a style of armour made from a leather or fabric with metal plates riveted into it. Medieval brigandines were influenced by the design of coat of plates armour, which developed in the late 12th century. The development of leg and arm brigandine protection in this style began during the 14th century in the transitional armour period between mail and plate.

These brig arms are made from 4mm thick dark brown leather with 16 gauge riveted steel plates.

The arms can be adjusted to size for the best fit using the four leather straps and buckles. On the top of the arms is a leather tab with holes to lace the arms onto a chest or shoulder armour piece.

The back of the plates are blacked to improve corrosion resistance.

Also available separately is the full matching set including arm split armour and torso. Please note, that this price is for the arm splint brigandine only.

Suitable for 14th and early 15th century re-enactment.

A lord of battles product.

The set includes a left and right arm harness, including the lower arm (vambrace), elbow (couter) and upper arm (rerebrace).