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Brigandine Leeds - 15th Century armour reproduction
HMB Leeds Brigandine - 15th Century reenactment armour reproduction
Leeds Brigandine - 15th Century reenactment armour reproduction

Brigandine Leeds - 15th Century

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Make your own Medieval experience with this brigandine armour reproduction based on an extant artefact held by the Royal Armoury in Leeds (UK) item number III.1664. The original artefact is estimated to have been made in Italy, possibly Milan, in the mid to late 15th century around 1470 and would have possibly worn during the War of the Roses period.   

A brigandine is a style of armour made from a leather or fabric jacket with metal plates riveted into it. Medieval brigandines were influenced by the design of the coat of plates armour, which developed in the late 12th century. The development of brigandines began during the 14th century in the transitional period between mail and plate and continued in use until the 15th and 16th century. 

During the 14th century both knights and men at arms wore brigandines which were generally fitted. However, as the design of plate armour became more effective and wide spread during the late 15th century the use of brigandine fell out of favour with the upper classes and continued to be commonly used by lower rank combatants such as archers and men at arms.

This brigandine is made from 150 individual 0.90mm thick steel plates which overlap and articulate. The plates are securely riveted to a quality black suede leather using flat head rivets which form a decorative motif. 

The brigandine can be adjusted to size with the five leather straps and brass buckles on its front and two leather straps and buckles over the shoulder. 

Suitable for 15th century re-enactment, LARP and SCA amour harnesses.

Other 14th and 15th century reproduction armour and weapons also available.


Currently available in sizes:



Waist 92cm, hips 102cm, chest 98cm, Shoulder to bottom 59cm under arm to bottom 29cm

Weight: 6.34kg



Waist 102cm, hips 112cm, chest 108cm, Shoulder to bottom 65cm under arm to bottom 31cm

Weight: 6.87kg


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