Bone Double Sided Comb with Leather Case

Make Your Own Medieval

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In a rush to do your hair at an event before the public arrive? Don’t stress, just make it part of the show with this double sided bone comb. Stow that pink plastic hairbrush back in your tent and whip out your authentic reeanctment tools.

Suitable for both men and women this 8cm by 7cm horn comb features a fine side for combing hair and a very fine side for assisting in keeping the hair clean.

Plain unadorned double sided bone combs appear to have been used from ancient times to the late renaissance. With different cultures adorning the combs with different styles of art. Surviving Roman and ancient combs are generally less decorative with combs becoming more elaborately carved in the Viking and Medieval period (depending on the wealth of the owner).

Each comb is unique and hand-crafted from real bone and features a brown leather case to protect the comb.

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