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Heimdallr's Gjallarhorn - Blowing Horn

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Create your own Viking experience with this blowing signal horn made from cow horn. Announce the arrival of the bride at your wedding, annoy your mates, call the troops into battle, wake up your kids... let your imagination run wild. 

Calling horns were used during the dark ages and medieval period during hunting, war, travel and seafaring as a means of communication.

According to mythology, the sound of Heimdallr's Gjallarhorn will be heard in all the corners of the world and will herald the beginning of Ragnarök.

The blowing horn has a brass mouthpiece to make the blowing easier and also reduce moisture and the taste of the horn.

Measured along the outside curve of the horn, the lengths range from 16”–19” (40.5cm-48.5 cm). The horns produce a strong deep voluminous sound and is made from real cow horn..

Each horn is smoothly polished and unique due to both the natural variations in horns and the handmade quality. This means the horns vary in size, curvature, colour and tone. Colours range from pale whites, creams and yellows through to browns and black. The photos feature an example of the produce, expect your individual horn to differ as no two are the same.

Also available are leather holders and forged stands to display your horn.

When undertaking combat performances please careful to avoid striking or heavily knocking the end of the horn as it can dislodge the mouthpiece from the horn.

Great for weddings, re-enactment, SCA and LARP.

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