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Back Scabbard

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Need to carry your mighty magical blade through your next LARP campaign? Are you cosplaying a character who travels with their sword slung in a back scabbard? Whatever your need, this back scabbard might be just what you need as it's versatile & ideal for many character types.

Will you be a brave sailor, an elegant pirate captain, a chivalrous knight or skilled ranger wandering the planes? This back scabbard will be the perfect companion for all your adventures. Whatever treasure you’re chasing, its authentic look and sturdy leather will make the difference!

Handmade from 3.5mm thick sturdy & attractive genuine brown full-grain crunch leather. Crunch leather is a full grain leather which shows more of the natural grain of the leather. The leather is tanned with two layers of natural transparent dyes. The transparent dyes protect the leather while also bringing out the natural characteristics of the leather. Vegetable tan leather has a higher durability, strength and better colour and tone than chrome tanned leather.

This  handcrafted baldric is made using only the highest quality leather available for excellent durability. The blade holding section measures approximately 115 cm long and the belt which is 160cm is adjustable for the best fit.

Ideal for amazing medieval events, SCA, cosplay, or LARP. Wherever your adventure is, this beautiful scabbard will follow you to all your deeds, from LARP quest to the impressive tables of the mead hall.

Make Your Own Medieval believes in sustainable environmental practices and we are actively moving away from chrome tanned leather to veg tan leather products which are less damaging to the environment.

Sword not included.


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