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mail aventail medieval 15th century armour 6mm 18g blackened rings
blackened riveted chainmail Gothic armour
Gothic 15th century armour mail blackened

Aventail Round Riveted 6mm 18g Blackened Rings

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Make your own medieval experience a safe one with this aventail or camail armour.

This riveted aventail is made from 18-gauge round riveted 6mm rings with alternating solid flat rings for extra durability.

An aventail is a piece of chainmail that is designed to be suspended from a helm and protects the throat, neck and shoulders.

To fit the aventail we recommend using a woven waxed linen or leather cord.

During the 14th century aventails replaced the use of coifs in combat harnesses.

Aventails are most commonly seen in depictions from the 14th century on bassinets and continued in use into the 15th century.

This aventail has a leather band to attach to the bottom of your helmet.

Most Make Your Own Medieval 14th century helms include a set of attached vervelles to attach your aventail (vervelles are a brass ring that extends from the side of the bottom of the helm).  

Place the aventail over the vervelles and mark holes on the leather band to insert a cord.

Cut the holes using a leather punch and insert a cord though the aventail and the vervelles on the helm.

For historical re-enactment we recommend riveted chainmail due to its authenticity, lighter weight, and improved durability.





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