Aglets Points with Cord 130-150cm Long - Black

Make Your Own Medieval



A pair of aglets and black 130-150cm cord. Perfect for finishing off your lacing cords to enable them to be threaded easily through eyelets and lacing rings. Great for use on Medieval and Renaissance clothing, arming doublets, hose and dress.

These aglets measure 35mm in length and have a width of 4mm at the top. The cord lengths vary between 130 and 150 cm.

Both aglets have been stitched onto the cord. We recommend crimping the aglets slightly with a pair of pliers and also applying a drop of super glue to where the aglet meets the cord keep to give extra support to the stitching.

Aglets are made from 100% quality brass. 

Shorter points are available here

Price is per cord.

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