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Brown medieval belt with leaf design motif
Brown renaissance belt with nature design motif
Brown medieval belt with embossed decorative design
Brown middle ages belt with leaf and vine design

Acanthus Leaf Renaissance Belt – Brown

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A medieval or renaissance themed belt great for LARP, SCA, fantasy, pirate clothing and costume.

The belt features a decorative stamped belt strap with an interwoven acanthus leaf designe motif.

The acanthus symbolises rebirth, immortality and resurrection and was used as early as 500 BCE in Grecian art. With the earliest known example found at the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae, dated 450-420 BC.

The acanthus plant species is found throughout the Mediterranean region and is similar to the thistle and poppy and is among the most common plants to be used as ornamental elements in architecture.

In ancient Greek and Roman architecture the acanthus ornament appears extensively in Corinthian columns and other artwork. The acanthus leaf motif reached its height of popularity during the Byzantine period and continued to be used in Medieval and renaissance art, tapestries, and sculptures

The motif remained popular into the Victorian period due to its popularity during the English Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 1800s

The belt is made from vegetable tan quality brown leather.

The buckle is securely rivetted onto the strap and the buckle is made from solid brass.

Available in Medium, Large and Extra large.

Strap width 3cm

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