Anglo-Saxon Sceat Coin (8th Century)

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This coin is a reproduction of an Anglo-Saxon sceat (sceattas) from the 8th century. The use of coinage slowly feel out of use in Britain after the departure of the Romans. However, During the 6th and 7th century Anglo-Saxon kings began to mint their own coins with a wide range of images and styles. The zenith of Anglo-Saxon coinage occurred in the 8th century with the creation of an extraordinary range of detailed pictorial images and designs.

The images of animals on English coins in the 8th century was unique in Early Middle ages European coinage. Influenced by pagan Germanic art and Christian Iconography animals were imbued with meanings and symbolism. The image on this coin may appear like a dragon however, it is believed that the animal is actually a snake transforming into a wolf.

Like the original coins these sceat coins are small measuring 1.7cm in diameter.

An original artefact of this coin can be viewed on the Fritzmuseum website on the following link.

These coins are hand stamped by a passionate reenactor who performs historical coin minting demonstrations. As each coin is hand stamped small variations may exist adding to the hand made character of the coins.  

Made from high-quality pewter.

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