708 – 709 Viking Hoard - Umayyad Dynasty Dirhem Coin

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Create your own Viking coin hoard with these reproduction Umayyad Dynasty dirhen (dirham) minted between  708-709. Coins of this type have been found across Europe illustrating the breadth of Viking travel and trade. Several dirhams were found in the 10th century Vale of York hoard found in Yorkshire England and the  9th-10th century Furness Hoard discovered in Cumbria, England

The Umayyad Dynasty was one of the four major Islamic caliphates established after the death of the prophet Muhammad in 632. The Umayyad dynasty based in Damascus in Syria expanded to conquer the Middle East, North Africa and Spain and was the fifth largest empire in history.

An original artefact of this coin is currently on display at the Museum of Victoria and can be viewed on the following link


These coins are hand stamped by a passionate reenactor who performs historical coin minting demonstrations. As each coin is hand stamped small variations may exist adding to the hand made character of the coins.  

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