5 Foot Leather Bullwhip

Make Your Own Medieval



This 5 foot bull whip is made from genuine black leather and braided by hand.
Whip those lazy squires into the kitchen tent to bring you your ale or clean the kitchen at your next medieval or Viking re-enactment event.
Add some excitement to your next re-enactment performance as you whip the troops into combat or punish your captives in bondage at your next SCA or LARP event
Create your own medieval dungeon experience, master and slave, fetish fantasy.
A great accessory for an Australian stockman, cowboy, Wild West, Indiana Jones or Cat Women costume.

The whip has a studded handle and end cap with a loop to attach to your wrist and looks great hung from a belt


We also sell two other styles of whip a longer 9 foot version and a budget 6 foot version.

Please note, that this is a real whip and is capable of injuring others and should be used with caution.