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Medieval pavillion tent australia middle ages
Medieval pavillion tent australia middle ages roof
Medieval pavillion tent australia middle ages pole
Medieval pavillion tent australia middle ages pole
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Medieval pavillion tent australia middle ages at Abbey medieval festival
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4.2m Round Pavilion Tent - Everything Included (IN STOCK for Brisbane Delivery Only)

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Delivery is currently only available in Brisbane via Courier.

This high-quality pavilion tent is based on a style commonly seen in Medieval illuminations. It comes complete with everything you need, including tent pegs, ropes, pole and finial. Everything (with the exception of the center pole) fits inside a sturdy bag for storage and transport.

It has a base diameter of 4.2m and a height of 3.5m. It has a single wooden centre poll which breaks down. There are no perimeter polls and no hub and spokes, the walls are held out through the use of “crows foot ropes” which not only hold the tent out in the correct shape, but this rope design is supported by period art. As well as being period accurate, this means that there is less to transport and leaves more space for your other gear!

The tent is made from 340g/m2 cotton canvas which has been impregnated for water and fungus resistance.

The break down wooden pole is secured through two metal plates and metal pins (please see photographs.) These work to hold the pole very securely. 

The tent fabric is in two parts, the roof and the walls, The walls attach to the roof through a secure toggle and rope section.

The tent pegs are blackened steel and have a pointed hand forged tip.

Below is a list of everything included:
- the fabric (in two parts - roof + walls)
- a timber pole of 350cm height (in two parts)
- wooden ball for the top of the mast
- small wooden pole to place a flag on it
- 35 pegs + 2 spares
- a set of metal parts to join the two parts of the mast
- 35 wooden toggle for walls
- 3 storm ropes of 7.5 m length each
- 16 guy ropes 
- A sturdy storage/transport bag.

This tent is new, however we did unpack and set it up to test it at Abbey Re-enactors Only Weekend (AROW) in May 2023. It was up for about one hour, did not get rained on and packed down dry.  We also did not use the tent pegs which came with the tent. Please note that in the photos of the Tent at AROW we did not properly peg out the bottom walls of the tent. The first photo shows what this tent looks like with them pegged out correctly.

Please note, you will see in all the photos the tent ropes are pegged quite far from the tent. This is required to achieve the correct shape of the tent. We found the pegs had to be placed about 2m away from the base of the tent. If you wanted to build a hub and spokes or perimeter poles for this tent, then you would not need to peg the ropes out so far.

The tent is made in Poland by SPES Medieval Market. You can see their listing for the tent here.

This tent can be delivered to Abbey Medieval Festival.

We can not deliver to all Australian locations due to the length of the poles.

Delivery is currently only available in Brisbane via Courier.

Please contact us for a delivery price.





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