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Tudor Renaissance plate armour breastplate SALE
renaissance plate armour breastplate available in Australia SALE
Tudor medieval plate armour breastplate SALE
Tudor plate armour breastplate SALE
Warhammer themed Breastplate armour SALE
Elizabethan renaissance plate armour breastplate SALE
Early 16th century Breastplate SALE
Early 16th century Breastplate armour SALE
Renaissance plate armour breastplate SALE

16th century Breastplate with Spaulders – Fantasy

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This breastplate and spaulders set is inspired by early 16th century rensaissance armour with some fantasy detailing, such as shaping of the tassett.

The set includes the cuirass, left and right spaulders and rondels.

This set is ideal for combatants who fight with thrusting weapons such as spears, pikes and halberds, providing good protection over the upper body.

When worn in combat if the players arms are lifted above their head the rondel on the spaulders can sometimes become caught on the edge of the cuirass when the arm is lowered. To prevent this we recommend riveting the rondel onto the spaulders to keep it in place.

This cuirass is forged from 18 gauge mild steel and has three leather straps and brass buckles to better adjust to the size of the wearer. The spaulders attach to the top of the shoulders of the breastplate and also around the arm with an adjustable strap and buckle. The breastplate can be worn with or without the spaulders.

The breast plate has a pin (rivet) in a slot to provide some articulation for better movement. The tassets also articulate for better movement when bending and kneeing.

Available in three chest sizes

Medium 54cm (measured across the front of the chest) best fits a chest size of 94 cm to 104cm

large 60cm (measured across the front of the chest) best fits a chest size of 105 cm to 115cm

XL 66 cms across (measured across the front of the chest) best fits a chest size of 116 cm to 126cm

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