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Medieval re-enactment Cuisse 15th century leg armour
15th century medieval leg armour
15th century medieval leg Knights armour
Medieval re-enactment 15th century Cuisse leg armour
Avant leg harness artefact original

Avant 15th Century Milanese Cuisse Leg Armour - 16 Gauge

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Make your own Medieval experience with this Italian Milanese style leg plate forged from 16 gauge steel. This armour is a reproduction of the leg harness from the Avant armour set (previously from the Churburg Castle Museum) of the currently held by the Glasgow Museum (shown in last photo). The Avant armour is one of the oldest and best condition complete (composite) armours in the world between in approximately 1440 to 1445.

This armour is also similar to the style of the harness owned by Frederick I of the Palatinate currently on display at the Kunsthistorisches Museum of art in Vienna, Austria. The armour can be viewed on the following link to the museum website also shown in the last photo. The original artefact is estimated to have been made in the mid 15th century.

The plates are designed to articulate and provide better movement. The cuisse has three leather straps with buckles which are securely riveted for durability. The top leather strap is extra wide to improve the fit. The straps are adjustable allowing for a better fit on the wearer. The armour also has four arming points at the top on a leather pad to lace onto an arming garment and an additional two arming points at the top near the hinged panel. Compared to the original Avant harness this armour does not wrap as far around the back of the leg to allow for a wider range of sizes.

The three hole style centre pin at the bottom of the leg armour can be seen in the extant armour of Arch Duke Sigismund of Tyrol (shown in 2nd last photo). Suitable for a mid 15th-century European persona at your next Tudor, Medieval or Renaissance re-enactment, LARP, SCA or Living History event.

Other 14th, 15th and 16th century armour is also available.
For international shipping options outside of Australia please contact us for an exact price.

Price is for a left and right leg pair.

Aglet and cord ties shown in photos are available separately.

A lord of battles product.


Total length not including the leather tab is 57cm.

Upper leg thigh measured on the inside along curvature of the steel is 35cm

Upper leg thigh measured horizontally across the opening at the widest point is 22cm.

Upper shin measured on the inside along curvature of the steel is 22cm

Upper shin measured horizontally across the opening at the widest point is 14cm



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