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Red arming doublet available in Australia
arming doublet available in Australia

15th Century Arming Doublet With Aglets (No Padding)

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Make your own medieval experience with this 15th century arming doublet complete with lacing points.

As more protective plate amour developed in the late middle ages the need for heavy padding diminished. A lighter style arming doublet or pourpoint developed to provide some protection and to attach amour to.

This arming doublet has no padding and is made from two layers of heavy cotton. The sleeve is cut in the 'grand assiette' style that gives the arms a wide range of free movement while keeping the body of the doublet fitted close to the body

The arming points are made from woven cord with aglets stitched on. We recommend crimping the aglets and/or adding a drop of superglue to ensure they hold fast for many lacings and re-lacings.

The doublet features sewn eyelets to lace through, not metal grommets. You can overcast these with a whipstitch or buttonhole stitch if you wish to reinforce these.

The doublet also features a reinforced leather arming tab at the waist to attach a leg harness or mail skirt.


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