14th / 15th Century Milanese Cuisse Leg Armour - 16 Gauge - Leeds Armoury

Make Your Own Medieval

$279.95 AUD 



Make your own Medieval experience with this Italian Milanese style leg plate armour harness forged from 16 gauge steel. 

This armour is a reproduction of the leg harness from the Leeds Museum located in England (object Number III1285). The original artefact is shown in the last photo.

The cuisse has three leather straps with buckles which are securely riveted for durability. The top leather strap is extra wide to improve the fit. The straps are adjustable allowing for a better fit on the wearer. The armour also has four arming points at the top on a leather pad to lace onto an arming garment.

Suitable for a late 14th century and 15th-century European medieval re-enactment.

Price is for a left and right leg pair. The total weight for the pair is 5.46kg.

Aglet and cord ties shown in photos available separately.

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