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15th century strapend with two brass rivets
14th century strapend with two brass rivets
middle ages strap end for belt
middle ages brass strapend for belt

1350 - 1450 Strap End 20mm Strap Width

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This strap-end is a reproduction of an archaeological find dated to the late 14th century found in London at the Billingsgate Lorry Park, watching brief site (find 675). The strapend can be found on page 144, figure 675 in the book Dress Accessories 1150-1450: Medieval Finds from Excavations in London by Geoff Egan and Frances Pritchard.

This strap end is most suitable for medieval re-enactment clothing and costume between 1250 and 1500. The strap end best fits a strap between 20mm. This set includes two rivets.

Also available is a matching buckle

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