Make Your Own Medieval or Viking Wedding

Are you looking for a unique weeding experience? Make Your Own Medieval Experience can help make that come true.

Make Your Own Medieval has the knowledge and experience to assist you with your your next medieval, viking or renaissance themed wedding, We can offer you the best wholesale prices for large volume purchases of tableware, cutlery, plates and other items.  We can also offer historically accurate armour, weapons and clothing reproductions for the bride and groom as well as entertainment for the guests. 

We have teamed with other historical re-enactment, artists and performer friends across Australia to create a unique historical experience. We can organise any entertainment you require. Such as jousting, Medieval or Viking combat demonstrations, knighting ceremonies, music, crafting and arts displays. We can also provide an experienced armourer, tailor, squire or blacksmith to customise, fit and maintain your weapons, armour and clothing on site during your event.

Please email us at to discuss your needs.