Brigandine Kusnacht Style.

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This style of Bridandine is known as a Kusnacht Brigandine and is a reproduction of an extant armour from Kusnacht Castle in Switzerland.

A brigandine is a style of armour made from a leather or fabric jacket with metal plates riveted into it. Medieval brigandines were influenced by the design of  coat of plates armour, which developed in the late 12th century. The development of brigandines in this style began during the 14th century in the transitional period between mail and plate. 

During the 14th century, both knights and men at arms wore brigandines which were generally fitted. However, as the design of plate armour became more effective and widespread during the late 15th century the use of brigandine fell out of favour with the upper classes and continued to be commonly used by lower rank combatants such as archers and men at arms. 

Unlike plate, which was expensive to manufacture and needed to be custom made to fit correctly, the design of a brigandine was simple enough for most soldiers to make and repair without the need for an experienced armourer. The smaller steel plates were cheaper and easier to make and the brigandine could be adjusted to pass onto other men at arms

The brigandine can be adjusted to size with four leather straps and buckles on both sides. On the top of the shoulder is a leather tab with holes to lace on a shoulder armour. The plates are blacked to improve corrosion resistance. The dagging on the bottom of the brigandine can be seen in a brigandine worn by the knight Otto von Orlamünde in an effigy from Kloster Himmelkron, Himmelkron, Bavaria, Germany from 1340.

This brigandine is made from suede leather with 18 gauge riveted steel plates. Also available separately is the full matching set including leg and arm split armour (full set shown in the last photo). Please note, that this price is for the torso brigandine only

Suitable for 14th and early 15th century re-enactment.

Available in red and black in the following chest sizes:

54 cms (MEDIUM) measured across the front of the chest

60cms (LARGE) measured across the front of the chest

66 cms (XL) measured across the front of the chest

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