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Churburg 15th century gauntlets reproduction armour
15th century italian armour gauntlets
15th century mitten gauntlets Milan medieval
Avant gauntlets armour reproduction reenactment
15th century gauntlets milanese mittens armour
Milanese 15th century clamshell Gauntlet
15th century italian Gauntlet

Milanese 15th Century Clamshell Mitten Gauntlets

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These gauntlets are a reproduction of an original mid 15th century Milanese gauntlet from the Avant armour harness held in the Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum.

The Avant harness estimated to have been made in 1440 was originally held in the armoury of Churburg castle Italy before being moved to Glasgow Scotland in the 1930’s.

One of the oldest near complete armour harness in existence the original gauntlets were made in Milan and feature the smooth round shapes and subtle curves of the Italian 15th century renaissance armour style.

The gauntlets include a leather glove and are made from 16 gauge steel. The gauntlets have a wide cuff and offer excellent freedom of movement for re-enactment combat.

The original gauntlets can be viewed on the Glasgow museum website on the following link.




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