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Jack chain re-enactment medieval reproduction armour
St Ursula Shrine Reliquary

Jack Chain Armour. 15th Century

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Complete your Medieval or Renaissance armour harness with our 15th century jack chain plate.

This style of armour is most suitable for a mid to late 15th century clothing and re-enactment combat harnesses.

The design of our jack chain is based on armour worn on by an archer depicted in an oil painting on the Saint Ursula Martyrdom reliquary shrine by Hans Memling which is estimated to have been painted in 1489 and also the Archbishop panel of the Nuno Gonçalves - Altarpiece of Saint Vincent estimated to have been painted in the 1450’s

15th and early 16th century plate armour can be an expensive purchase for new reenactors. Just like soldiers in the 15th century jack chains provide protection to the arms and shoulder from slashing sword cuts.

 Jack chains are designed to be tied or sewn on to the outside of a padded jack / gambeson or arming doublet and this this style of arm protection is most commonly associated with infantry and archers.

The chains includes a set of leather thongs that will fix the jack chains to three points on each arm to your gambeson. If your gambeson does not have arming points we recommend sewing a leather patch with two holes or some lacing rings to support the chains

This pair of Jack Chains are crafted from 18 gauge steel and have good articulation.

A photo of the original extant artefacts as well as the individual panel is shown below.

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