Arm Plate Harness 16 Gauge Steel - Milanese

Make Your Own Medieval


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Arm yourself with our Italian Milanese style plate arm harness made from 16 gauge steel. This set is most suitable for late 14th to 15th century re-enactment and living history. They fasten with adjustable leather straps and buckles. price includes left and right. 

Also available separately is a pair of matching shoulder spaulders with rondel as shown in the last photo below.

Circumference around wrist (inside front of vambrace)  24.5cm
Circumference around the middle of forearm (inside back of vambrace)  36.5cm
Circumference around bicep (top of rerebrace)  38cm to 52cm
Total length measured along inside from back to front 44cm


Please note, the measurement along the inside curve of the armour at the top rerebrace is 22cm as the rerebrace does not fully enclose the upper arm.    

The buckle and strap on the vambrace can be closed approximately 2cm tighter than the measurements above and also loosened to provide a wider fit.  

Includes a left and right.

A lord of battles product.