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Viking Reenactment Elbow Safety Leather forearm protection
Viking Reenactment bracers protection
Viking Reenactment forearm protection
Viking Reenactment Leather Vambraces

Viking Reenactment Elbow Safety Leather Vambraces

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Please note, that there is little to no archaeological and pictorial evidence for the use of leather vambraces during the Viking era. However, limited evidence exists for the use of vambaces in the late 10th ,11th and 12th century in Byzantine and Rus localities.

These vambraces are designed for Viking era re-enactment combat to provide added protection to the fore arms and elbows. While mail will stop most weapons in a re-enactment combat from cutting the skin the addition of armguards can help to reduce blunt force injury. Being struck in the elbow can be painful so these vambraces have been designed to curve around the elbow for added protection. For a more historically correct appearance the vambraces can be worn hidden under mail.   

The vambraces are made from extra thick crunch leather for added protection and have a soft smooth suede leather lining for comfort. The suede lining is rolled and stitched over the edges for extra durability. The leather and suede is 5.5cm thick and the edges are 8.5mm thick.

Crunch leather is a full grain leather which shows more of the natural grain of the leather. The leather is tanned with two layers of natural transparent dyes. The transparent dyes protect the leather while also bringing out the natural characteristics of the leather. Vegetable tan leather has a higher durability, strength and better colour and tone than chrome tanned leather.

The bracers measure 34.5cm in length and 14.5cm at the widest point. The bracers are laced closed with 3.5cm thick leather lacing.

Price is per pair.

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