Large Cooking Cauldron Pot

Make Your Own Medieval

$134.95 AUD 


This cooking fire cauldron pot is inspired by an original artefact found in the Oseberg (Osebergskipet ) Viking ship burial in Norway. The Oseberg burial mound contained numerous cooking tools and feasting gear including a long handle cooking pan and tripod (Both available separately) Currently on display in the Viking Ship Museum at Oslo, Norway the original artefact is estimated to be from the 9th century. A photo of the original archaeological extant artefact is shown is the last photo below.

The handles of the pot are securely riveted for durability. based on customer feedback to enable easy cleaning and reduce the chance of leakage the plates have been welded rather than riveted.

The pot measures 32cm across at the widest point and 23.5cm in height. including the handle, the pot is approximately 49cm high.

A perfect addition to your Viking or Medieval cooking gear for your next re-enactment, living history, SCA or LARP camping event.