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Large Brass pagan goblet
Large medieval Brass chalice or goblet
Large church Christian Brass chalice or goblet
Large Chalice made from brass

Chalice Brass - Large

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The chalice is a powerful symbol in many spiritual traditions throughout history.

In the Christian legend, the Holy Chalice or Holy Grail is a sacred symbol. In Pagan, Wiccan and Neopagan beliefs the chalice is a magical tool used in ritual practice.

A chalice is a large goblet which holds liquid generally with a large base for better stability. In the Christian tradition the Holy grail is the chalice which Jesus used at the Last Supper to serve the wine and in some traditions was later used to collect Christ’s blood at the crucifixion. The chalice is considered to be one of the most sacred vessels in Christian liturgical worship.

The significance of the chalice grew during the Middle Ages as it appeared in numerous stories of Arthurian literature and continued to rise in popularity to it’s peak during the 19th century Romanticism. Many variations of the grail story exist, such as the legend of Camelot and the knights quest for the Grail,  the possession of the grail by the Knights Templar and the legend of the grail holding restorative and healing powers.  

This large chalice is great as a centrepiece for weddings, feasts, medieval themed theatre productions for spiritual ceremonies.

The chalice is made from brass plated stainless steel and has a large capacity of 750 ml.

The chalice measures 22cm in height and 13.5cm in width and weighs

The chalice has a padded base and weighs approximately 1.15KG.

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