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Brass Spoon Medieval feasting gear 15th century reproduction
Brass Spoon Medieval feasting gear 14th century reproduction
Brass Spoon SCA Medieval feasting gear
Brass Spoon Medieval feasting gear 16th century reproduction

Brass Medieval Spoon

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This brass spoon is a reproduction of an extant English artefact held by the Salisbury Museum.

This spoon was developed by Make Your Own Medieval based on feedback from members of the medieval re-enactment community. The spoon is made from 100% solid brass so it will resist corrosion. Brass is stronger than pewter so it won’t bend as easily or melt if you leave it too close to the fire.

This style of spoon with a diamond stem and knop and is most appropriate for 14th, 15th and 16th century historical re-enactment impressions.

The spoon can be seen in the book Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum Medieval Catalogue part 3, pg 115 - object 147. Three other diamond knop spoons can be seen in the book the Medieval Household, Medieval Finds from Excavations in London pg 250 & 251 Objects 763,762, 770.  

Each spoon measures 14.4cm in length and 4.5cm in width.

Other items shown are not included and are available separately.

Price is for one spoon.

Let the feast begin.


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