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Odin's Ravens Huginn and Muninn Carved Drinking horn
Viking Raven drinking horn
Viking drinking horn with brass lion head terminal decoration

Odin Viking Raven Hugin and Munin Drinking Horn 33-38 cm (13"-15")

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  This drinking horn features two carved Viking ravens. The raven symbol is believed to represent Odin and the Ravens Hugin and Munin which accompany Odin. At daybreak, Odin sends the ravens to fly across the world and bring him information of all they see.

The depiction of this raven can be seen on Viking and Scandinavian war banners between during the 9th, 10th and 11th century. An Image of a Raven banner can be seen in the Bayeus tapestry and also surviving coins from the period. The raven banner is also written of in Anglo Saxon sources and was described as being carried by the Great Heathen Army invasion of England by the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok. After which the raven banner was adopted by chieftans and warlords who believed identified as dependents of Ragnar Lodbrok.

In Norse mythology ravens as carrion birds were linked to death and war and the symbol may have been used as a talisman by invoking the power of Odin. The imagery of a bird flying over the field feasting on the dead probably also inspired fear into non pagan opponents.    

Made from real cow horn, all horns are water proof, smoothly polished and finished with a water proof food safe epoxy.

Measured along the outside of the horn, the lengths range from 33cm – 38cm (13"-15")

The horn shown is an example, of the style of horn. Due to both the natural variations in horns and the handmade quality, each horn is unique in its curvature and colour tone and maybe a mixture of yellow, brown, white, cream, black and clear in colour.

This drinking horn is made by Lord of Battles who are an official supplier of the Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom TV series and crafted the drinking horns, cups and tankards shown in these series.

Horn stand shown in photos not included and available separately.


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