Viking York Penny Coin (895 – 903)

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This coin is a reproduction of a 10th century Viking / Anglo-Saxon penny estimated to have been minted between 895 - 903. This coin is called the York penny as it was found in a coin horde found in 2007 named the Vale of York Hoard which contained 617 silver coins and 65 other items. It is theorised that the horde may have belonged to a wealthy Viking leader who buried the hoard during the reconquest of Northumbria by the Anglo-Saxon king Athelstan in 927.

An example of the original artefact is currently on display in the York museum and can be viewed on the following link.

These coins are hand stamped by a passionate reenactor who performs historical coin minting demonstrations. As each coin is hand stamped small variations may exist adding to the hand made character of the coins.  

Each coin measures 20mm in diameter.

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Made from high-quality pewter.