Crusader Antioch Bohemond Coin (1163 – 1233)

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This coin is a reproduction of an Antioch dirham minted by the crusader kings (prince) Bohemond III and Bohemond the IV.

Minted between 1144 – 1233 this coin has a distinctive portrait of a knight on crusade and a cross on the reverse and is often referred to as the Helmet Denier of Antioch.

Antioch was a crusader state created in 1098 during the First Crusade by Bohemond of Toranto (Bohemond I), an Italian Norman crusader who conquered the Syrian city of Antioch held by Seljuk Turks. The Bohemond dynasty lasted until 1268 when the city of Antioch was conquered by the Egyptian Mamluks

An original artefact of this coin is currently on display at the Museum of Yale and can be viewed on the following link

These coins are hand stamped by a passionate reenactor who performs historical coin minting demonstrations. As each coin is hand stamped small variations may exist adding to the hand made character of the coins.

Made from high-quality pewter.

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