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Florence Italian Florin reproduction coin

Florence (Italian) Florin - Pewter (1252 - 1531)

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This coin is a reproduction of an Italian florin minted in Florence between 1252 and 1531.

The florin or "fiorino d'oro" was minted between 1252 and 1531 with no significant changes in design. The coin features the image of John the Baptist who was the patron saint of Florence and on the reverse a Florentine Lily the symbol of Florence.

The florin significantly influenced European coinage and with a decade of introduction, France and England had created their own imitations replacing the image of the Florentine Lily with their own emblem. The florin was the first international currency after the disappearance of gold coinage in Europe in the eight century. From the second half of the 13th century to the 14th century the florin was the dominant currency in international trade and soon became the generic word for gold coinage, with florins made in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Before the introduction of the florin Medieval European coinage was predominately silver. In the 13th century the Florin was worth 240 Denarii which was too high a value for daily use but very suitable for international trade. The Italian cities of Florence, Venice, Genoa and Pisa increasingly dominated trade and the economics of the Mediterranean which helped to spread the use of the Florin. In addition, many Florentine banks had branches across Europe which distributed money and the Florin soon became the dominant trade coin of Western Europe. The success of the Florin and it’s effect on trade was a contributor to the wealth of Florence financing the artistic vision of Florence during the Renaissance.

During the 15th century the Venetian ducat rose in popularity and displaced the Florin as the international coin of trade.

These coins are hand stamped by a passionate reenactor who performs historical coin minting demonstrations. As each coin is hand stamped small variations may exist adding to the hand made character of the coins.  

Made from high quality pewter.

Buy in bulk for significant savings.

Cards and dice also available separately.

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