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Acorn Brass Button

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This acorn button really is as cute as a button, and is great for closing doublets, sleeves or gowns.

Based on an original artefact held by the British Museum (Portable Antiquities Scheme) Record ID: BH-268883, DOR-4915E3 and LIN-EF23C6. Our reproduction is approximately 11.5mm in diameter at its widest point and 18mm long

A popular symbol In heraldry during the middle ages and renaissance, acorns were associated with oak trees and symbolised growth, strength and fertility. The symbol of oak leaves and acorns (Civic Wreath) was also associated with persons of great importance or who had undertaken a heroic deeds. In Vikings and Celtic culture the acorn was associated with fertility and rebirth.  

Made from solid brass. 

Price is for one button 

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