Monogram Strap End- 20mm Strap Width (1340- 1400)

Make Your Own Medieval

$6.95 AUD 


Making a Medieval belt from scratch or adding a finishing touch to one you already have? One of our strap ends may be just what you need.

This fitting is based on an archaeological find from England and is estimated to have been made in the mid to late 14th century. Another strap end of this style with a Lombardic M monogram can be seen in the book Medieval Artefacts by Nigel Mills on pg. 21.

This detailed strap end features a rectangular plate with monogram and a lozenge shaped box with flower design.

This strap end suits belt widths of 18mm and larger. You can pair this with a wider belt larger then 20mm by tapering the end of the belt to suit the width of the strap end. The back of this strap end has two posts and includes two washers to affix to your belt. The fitting measures 19mm wide by 56mm long.

Great for Medieval and Renaissance historical re-enactment, SCA and LARP clothing and costume.

Price is for one fitting.