Eric of Pomerania Medieval Belt Mount (1250-1325)

Make any belt your own, with our selection of reproduction Medieval and Renaissance belt mounts.

This belt mount is based on an extant artefact found in Fredensborg Palace Denmark called the Eric of Pomerania belt.

Ascribed to King Eric from Scandinavia it is most likely a women’s belt.
The belt mounts date from an earlier period (1250-1325) to the buckle and strap end which are a mid-14th to mid-15th-century design.

The original artefact is a woven belt with 27 belt mounts set with red, green and blue semi-precious stones. This reproduction mount is the same shape as the original mount except that the precious stones have been replaced with a decorative thatch pattern.

Each mount measures 30mm by 7mm

The back of the mount has two posts and comes with two washers.

Made from 100% brass.

Price is for one mount