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medieval ring belt in brown leather for SCA

Medieval / Renaissance SCA Ring Belt in Brown - 154cm Length

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A medieval or renaissance themed ring belt great for LARP, SCA, fantasy, pirate clothing and costume. 

Unlike cheaper belts which are made with snap rivets that easily come apart, the ring buckle on this belt is stitched for extra durability.

Are ring belts period? From our research ring based buckles have (or had) a pin to secure the belt, just like a regular buckle. Ring belts became popular in the 1960s amongst medieval enthusiasts, possibly because of the difficulty of sourcing historically accurate buckles.

Today ring belts are still very popular in the SCA and LARP groups. Ring belts are relatively inexpensive and can fit a large variety of sizes without the need to punch more holes in them. This makes them popular. Hospitaller’s or Chatelain’s find these make a great goldkey item for lending new members  

Made from from 3.5mm thick quality brown leather with a strap width of 32mm (1.25") wide.

The ring measures 48.5mm in diameter and the total approximate length of the belt is 154cm (including the buckle)

The belt has no pre stamped holes as it is fastened by knotting the belt around the ring. 

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