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longbow fabric archery quiver bag
Traditional linen medieval archery quiver bag
English longbow archery quiver bag
linen tudor longbow archery quiver bag

Longbow Fabric Archery Quiver

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This medieval reproduction archery quiver is made from white cotton canvas and features a cow horn toggle to adjust the bag and includes a leather arrow spacer.

Quivers of this style are generally associated with Medieval and Tudor England. An example of this style of bag can be seen on the art work of the Froissart's Chronicles of the battle of Poitier from the mid 14th century. Quiver leather spacers have also been found on wreck of the Mary Rose ship with fragments of arrows still in the spacer.

Quivers of this style are tied closed at the bottom with an included draw string. Straw was most likely packed in the bottom of the quiver to cushion the arrow heads and stop a sharp arrow from piercing the bag. It has been proposed that historically arrows may have actually been draw from the bottom of this style of bag. However, this would have possibly damaged the fletching as the fletching is pulled through the spacer.

The leather disk spacer has 11mm round holes for 31 arrows. However, we recommend storing less than this amount and spacing the arrow apart.

Please note, that the spacer can only hold field point / narrow point arrows. Wide blade arrow head arrow will not fit through the 11mm round hole. We suggest checking arrow shaft size before purchasing as thick shaft heavy war arrows may be larger than the hold size.

The bag best fits arrows under 76cm in size. Arrow longer than this will have the knocks poking out of the top of the bag.

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