Australian Beeswax by Make Your Own Medieval

Australian Beeswax


What is this lump of brown stuff you ask? It’s just over 6 kilos of freshly gathered beeswax we picked up this morning from one of our local suppliers. Make Your Own Medieval beeswax ranges from a pale lemon, through golden yellow to a rich brown depending on the season and what plants the bees have been visiting. This beeswax was made within bee’s flight of Boonah.
Make Your Own Medieval is proud to source Australian beeswax from local suppliers, not only does this mean our customers can buy local but it supports the local Australian bee industry. Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and it is imperative that we do what we can to keep the local bee populations healthy. Supporting our local beekeepers is just one way to do that. Why not look up your local beekeeping association and see if you can have a hive on your property, or what about planting some flowers to attract the bees into your garden?

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