War hammer 15th century

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This one handed war hammer is a reproduction of a hammer held in the Wallace museum (item A975) which is estimated to have been made in 1450 in France (shown in the photo). This style of war hammer is categorised by E. Oakeshott in the book European Weapons and Armour as a type H1 hammer 5
The first evidence of a war hammer appears on an effigy from 1250 in the Malvern Priory. However, the use of the war hammer appears to be fairly limited until the late 14th century. As full plate armour developed during the late 14th and 15th century the war hammer also evolved as a weapon designed to deliver a powerful enough blow to piece plate or provide a concussive injury. Towards the end of the 15th century and 16th century the length of the hammer developed into an elongated pick shape to penetrate through the gaps in full plate.
The hammer face like the original artefact, is not flat and has been forged into a pyramid shape. The hammer has a spiked top, curved beak on the back and steel butt cap with a small pyramid spike. The head of the hammer is securely riveted onto the hardwood handle.

The total length of the hammer is 70 cm (26 inches)

This reproduction is for educational and decorative purposes. It is not save for reenactment use because of the weight, and that the edges have not been rounded.