Walking Stick Stand

Make Your Own Medieval

$74.95 AUD 



Add some class to your 18th or 19th century inspired home decor with this vintage Victorian inspired walking cane stand.

Walking sticks originally a tool for the shepherd and traveller to protect against thieves and herd animals developed into a symbol for power and strength, and eventually authority and social prestige.

After the 1600s, canes became a fashionable part of men’s daily attire and later replaced the sword as a dress accessory for the gentleman. Canes were carried, not as a walking aid, but as an ornament to indicate the owner's wealth and status. A gentleman would own a number of canes to be used depending on the situation. A gentleman would carry his most highly decorative opulent cane to the theatre but would most likely take a more subdued cane to work.

Canes continued to be a popular fashion accessory until the 1940 after which the umbrella gradually replaced the walking stick in popularity.

The stand is made from wood and measures 58cm in height and 24cm in width and can fit up to 8 walking sticks.