Viking Hackgold

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Hack gold are cut pieces of precious metals which were used as bullion or currency by weight in antiquity.

Hack gold enabled larger pieces of gold such as chalices or church objects to be distributed after raids and used for trade. Many pieces of hack gold appear to have originally been jewellery such as arm bands. 

Hack gold appears to be most common among Viking and Rus cultures probably as a result of their successful raiding and trading.

Hack gold is significantly less common than hack silver when found in hoards. Gold when it is found in hoards generally consists of complete ornaments deposited separately from silver hoards. It has been theorised that Anglo-Saxon hoards are more likely to contain whole objects whereas Viking hoards are more likely to contains similar objects which have been broken apart for trading. It could also be a result of the scarcity of gold ownership in Scandinavian culture where it held a prestige ornamental status symbolism compared to silver which was more economic.

This hack gold reproduction is made from nugold bronze and hand cut and hammered for the most authentic appearance.

Each pieces measures approximately 20mm in length and 7mm in width and height and weighs approximately 8 grams. Because of the handmade nature of this item exact size does vary, as can be seen in the photograph.