Viking Dagger Knife. High Carbon EN45 Steel

Make Your Own Medieval

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This dagger is inspired by the Jan Petersen type S and wheeler type III +VLFBERH=T sword shown in the book De Norske Vikingesverd and currently held in the Copenhagen Museum. 

The original artefact is estimated to have been Frankish in origin and was crafted in the 10th century by the master Ulfberth blacksmith shop in the Rhine area which created swords between the 9th to 11th century.
The Ulfberth swords became so popular that a ban was placed upon their sale outside of France to restrict the Vikings peoples to the north access to these quality swords, which they were using very effectively to attack the coasts of the Frankish Empire. Viking type S swords have been found in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, with only a limited number found in Western Europe.

Featuring the same hilt and pommel as the original artifact this dagger is sharp and will need the tip rounded for re-enactment use. Featuring a hard wood handle with solid brass pommel and hilt, the dagger is made from high carbon EN45 steel and measures 49cm in length.

The dagger comes with a leather scabbard which has a belt loop to attach the dagger to your belt.

The dagger has a sharp point which will require rounding if used for re-enactment demonstrations.

Stand shown in photos not included and available separately.